Artist Success

Our mission is to help every modern creator move into the digital economy and be successful on their own terms. We believe technology must increase cultural diversity and artistic participation in society.

MAJR was founded by artists and creatives with a deep understanding of the challenges musicians face. Additionally, independent artists have been deeply involved in the engineering of our first product, providing feedback at every step along the way. Finally, MAJR is looking at how artists can participate as owners through a unique stock option plan. We believe artists, rather than investors or private equity, should participate in shared economic success.

Success as an Independent
We’re focused on serving the needs of independent artists who’ve struck out on their own. We believe these artists represent a new generation of prolific online creators who rapidly create, share and iterate in online spaces. These independent artists see the world differently and expect a new set of digital tools built for them and their communities. Most importantly, they own the copyright to their music and can lead the way in defining what success looks like in the digital economy.

New Economics
The music industry remains deeply wedded to legacy models of distribution and discovery. Over time, this has led to tournament economics and rent-seeking behaviors by major labels and the like. Despite the consumer success of digital streaming like Spotify and Apple Music, the economics of music have continued to deteriorate rapidly for musicians. By working with independent artists who are unencumbered by label and copyright issues, we are working to establish a new and viable model for music economics.


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