September 20, 2022
Meet Song Story
A Song Story is a new and smart way to connect artists and fans by putting the creative process at the center of the experience. This means artists can use their existing creative content to curate, control and publish directly to their fans. It's a feed without advertising. A feed that doesn't try to steal your attention. It's a feed that lets artists be really smart and selective about what matters most to them. Most importantly, it's built around the content they already produce as artists rather than being another social media network to feed. Stories can be updated as much or as little as an artist wants. Artists are in control: not algorithms or advertisers.
September 8, 2022
Putting Artists in the Driver Seat
I remember when I started doing 1:1 artist interviews back in 2020. We were gathering customer feedback to really understand if there was a solvable problem here. In all the practical feedback from artists, there was also a deep sense of distrust and exhaustion. Year after year, decade after decade, technology had eroded both the bargaining power and economic realities of working artists. That's real. And we hear you. That's why we're sharing these early first steps.
July 25, 2022
Free Songwriting Workshop for Artists
Feedback is key to the writing process.Join our first (free) songwriter workshop open to all artists. Bring your music and works-in-progress! During the hour, we'll randomly pick a few artists and workshop your song together. This will be a positive, constructive session led by a working, touring artist.
July 11, 2022
Introducing majr for Artists
Starting today, majr is excited to announce new tools designed to help artists create Song Stories. A Song Story is a new medium that dives into the journey of how your favorite songs come to life - from early voice memos and lyrics to first live performances, final master and the music video. It’s the entire creative process packed into the play button.
July 8, 2022
What is an Artist Profile?
Creating your unique Artist Profile is the first thing you do after signing up for a majr ID. We designed majr to be a service used directly by artists, their teams and fans. When you sign-up, you create a majr ID. A majr ID is meant to be the real you - your legal identity in the real world. If you're an artist, this will always remain private. For now, your majr ID is the e-mail address you sign-up with, your real name and your phone number.
July 8, 2022
Getting Started
We’re so glad you’re joining our community of artists. We wanted our preview release to be a set of tangible tools that are useful on day one. As you begin to use majr please never hesitate to reach out with feedback or suggestions - we’re a company by and for artists and our only goal is building something truly helpful.
June 7, 2022
Elevating Music Discovery with AI/ML
At majr, we’re actively experimenting with novel ways of creating and returning value back to creators and their music. These experiments are expansive and varied, but each have a profound impact in changing the ways we unlock new signal pathways by leveraging AI/ML to rethink the experience that artists and fans expect.
June 2, 2022
Open Beta Coming Soon
What lives on the Internet lives forever. And as our legacy world shifts to digitally native, this existence evolves from static to continuous: creators sharing and iterating work at the moment of ideation with fan communities voting, commenting, and remixing in continuous loops of creation. Further, the underlying relationship model and content graph become powerful fuel for new experiences and economic utility. This is an enormous opportunity: these trends have profound implications for creators, fans and the content that connects them.
April 21, 2022
make music!
Today marks one year since we founded majr. To mark the occasion, we're rolling out an updated visual identity that begins with a new logo. We love this mark because it expresses essential qualities - fluidity, rhythm and waves - while nodding to the psychedelic 60s. We love the psychedelic 60s not just for the retro vibe - but because we believe the 60s represented a time of universal connection to music, both for artists and their fans.
April 13, 2022
Announcing majr Milestone 2
Today we’re excited to announce the release of majr Milestone 2. This release continues delivering on the vision of helping every modern creator move into the digital economy and be successful on their own terms. This release focuses on three benefits: spend more of your time as a musician, develop more of your best ideas and bringing your best fans into the creative journey.
March 4, 2022
MAJR MVP 1.5 Released
Today we're releasing MAJR MVP 1.5 based on direct artist feedback. This update includes improvements to speed, Lyrics Timeline and the digital Liner experience. This update also includes improved support for password managers, tooltips and small UI improvements throughout.
March 3, 2022
Hello Bandcamp Artists
Hello, Bandcamp friend! Let's keep you independent, creative and connected directly with your community. Sign-up to be one of the first to join MAJR, a next-generation marketplace designed for the modern independent music community, currently in beta.
February 25, 2022
Why we chose the web
"For a startup with constrained time and money, web wins." One of the frequent questions we’ve gotten since launching is why we chose to launch as a progressive web app. It’s a great question. To explain our thinking, Jeremy Jones, Engineering Lead, wrote up our approach.
February 14, 2022
majr ❤️ ARTISTS
Music is a very special artform that connects sound to our emotions and memories. Transcending culture and geography, music is a universal language that moves us all. Music also lives at the center of digital innovation. From the arrival of MP3s and Napster to the rise of piracy, iTunes and then streaming, few industries sit so determinatively on the back of rapid digital change.
February 6, 2022
Where your $9.99 streaming subscription goes
We believe the modern music industry is a metaphor for the larger economic forces which dominate our time: tournament economics, monopoly lockout, rent-seeking and rapid digital disruption. We, like many, are advocates for a radically de-centralized restructuring of the music industry, favoring broader artist rights and direct payments. To build for this future, it’s time to break away from the past.
February 2, 2022
On Music
With the growing controversy surrounding Spotify, both about Joe Rogan and economics of music, many have called for artists to withdraw their music catalogs from Spotify and for consumers to cancel their accounts. Let’s look at the current situation and how we got here and then look at possible solutions for the future of music.
January 15, 2022
Meet majr
The mission at majr is straightforward - to help every modern creator move into the digital economy and be successful on their own terms. We believe this mission is fundamental to a thriving society; true creativity is uncompromising.
Welcoming Fans to majr
majr is a new platform that's being designed and developed with the community of artists and fans that want to see the magic put back into music. Fans make much of that magic and we can't wait to show you what we've been building. Later this year we'll be launching Song Stories. A Song Story is like a playground for your favorite music.