Announcing majr Milestone 2

April 13, 2022

Today we’re excited to announce the release of majr Milestone 2.  This release continues delivering on the vision of helping every modern creator move into the digital economy and be successful on their own terms.

We start by listening to our customers: indie artists and songwriters. They tell us they want to spend more time as a musician and less time as a social media manager. So we built awesome digital tools for songwriting and creativity that, over time, naturally include community and commerce. This is our second release as we move towards general availability in late 2022.

Milestone 2 focuses on delivering three benefits to artists:

  • Spend more of your time as a musician
  • Develop more of your best ideas
  • Bring your best fans into the creative journey

Spend more of your time as a musician by quickly turning any idea into a song:

  • Quickly create a song from any idea by giving it a title and status. Set a release goal and we’ll remind you to keep developing your work. Change it all later as you refine your ideas.
  • Quickly act on a song - whether you want to rename it, change release date, move to production or add images, videos, tracks or a master
  • As you build your music catalog, get at-a-glance views of works-in-progress, released tracks and key dates

Develop more of your best ideas with lyric writing, lyric timeline, tracks and notes:

  • Write, edit and track all your lyrical ideas from hooks and riffs, to chorus and verse in industry songwriting format. Easily find old ideas with Lyric Timeline.
  • Organize all your tracks, from midnight voice memos and melodies to lyrical ideas mumbled in the shower. Share privately with producers, co-writers or openly with fans.
  • Add notes to a song. Document the songwriting process with the vibes and fleeting thoughts that inspire your songs while easily sharing with fans.

Bring your best fans into the creative journey:

  • Quickly and easily invite your best fans to be the first to experience your community on MAJR.
  • Your fans get closer to what they love most, a rich backstage experience powered by your creative process.
  • Every piece of feedback counts. You and your fans will directly shape the future product experience on MAJR.

These features draw on direct feedback from artists and fans over the last several months. The 1:1 feedback has been instrumental and we’re incredibly excited to open MAJR to a wider audience in the coming weeks.  I also want to recognize the team at MAJR who has been working incredibly hard over the last few months to quickly build an mvp that is deeply tuned to market feedback.

Looking forward to your feedback and building more together, -jamie and the team at majr

If you’re interested in trying MAJR, join our waitlist. We expect to open access to several hundred new users over the next month. MAJR is designed for independent musicians who own their music. It’s currently available in English-only. We invite you to stay connected to our work via @majrapp on twitter.  Here’s a complete list of features and release notes.

About MAJR

majr is an early stage startup. Our first private beta was launched in February 2022, followed by a point release addressing direct artist feedback in March. This is our second major release (Milestone 2) en route to general availability of the platform this summer.

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