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June 2, 2022

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What lives on the Internet lives forever. And as our legacy world shifts to digitally native, this existence evolves from static to continuous:  creators sharing and iterating work at the moment of ideation with fan communities voting, commenting, and remixing in continuous loops of creation.  Further, the underlying relationship model and content graph become powerful fuel for new experiences and economic utility. This is an enormous opportunity: these trends have profound implications for creators, fans and the content that connects them.

And yet the majority of creators are underserved for this future. Between the demands for viral content, playing multiple algorithms for increased ranking and managing a sea of faceless fans, the current landscape leaves creators scattered, distracted and under-monetized.  Considering that each one of these creators is a small business, we believe this represents a significant market opportunity.

Our strategy for this future is called continuous content and it’s where we think the future of media is headed. Continuous content is our belief that media is evolving beyond the play button to include expectations around two new scenarios we call rabbitholes and direct access.

Rabbitholes are the ability to immediately explore the past, present and future of anything you interact with. Imagine an experience where you can listen to your favorite music and seamlessly move between early versions, alternative takes or subsequent live performances just by tapping and holding into the history of a song. We believe these kinds of user experiences will unlock the category, delight fans and present new monetization opportunity for creators by harnessing the creative work they already do.

Direct access
delivers on the expectation that you’ll interact 1:1 with your favorite creators and the real community of fans around them. For example, envision the ability to share your reactions to new releases in a trusted community or the ability to connect with new friends through the unique bond that shared fandom provides. For the artist, consider the value of knowing which fans are in the audience of a live show or the added creative boost of a rich feedback loop with your most trusted ambassadors. Direct access will create new value by bringing a trusted sense of identity into an online community with the persistent thrill of getting close to your favorite creators.

We believe these scenarios reflect profound new generational expectations and need to be deeply woven into the experience itself to unlock the opportunity.  

At majr we’ve started the journey to solve these problems. We invite you to try it out when we launch our open beta later this month. We're starting with an awesome experience for artists, followed by a fan experience later this summer. Join the waitlist to be notified when we go live.

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