Getting Started

July 8, 2022

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We’re so glad you’re joining our community of artists. We wanted our preview release to be a set of tangible tools that are useful on day one. As you begin to use majr please never hesitate to reach out with feedback or suggestions - we’re a company by and for artists and our only goal is building something truly helpful.

What Now?

  1. Setup Your Analytics – We’ve partnered with Chartmetric to provide free real-time social data so you can see both your streaming and social media analytics all in one place. All you need is your Spotify Artist Page URL.
  1. Use the Lyric Writer – We worked with songwriters to build a unique lyric writing tool. It features rhyming suggestions, line-by-line commentary, easy song section tagging, a timer to beat fatigue and writer's block, and every time you make changes, we automatically save a version to the song's Lyric Timeline so you can easily go back to old versions and never lose ideas.
  1. Build a Song Story – Start building a Song Story to get the most out of majr. You can start from scratch or add a song idea you’re already working on. Start putting in lyrics, voice memos, demos, pictures and videos you’ve taken of your process - or whatever inspires you. It’s quick, easy, and incredibly inspiring to see all the elements that go into creating your songs in one place
  1. Invite Fans – Later this year we’ll launch the ability for you to share Song Stories with fans. We’ve spent hundreds of hours talking with music fans and people really want an easier way to dive into the story behind the music. In the streaming era where music feels free, it’s incredibly inspiring to hear how much fans want something better. Right now, you can invite up to (10) fans to be the first to have access, or you can send them your artist link at

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Privacy is key! All your data and media are automatically encrypted and only you decide what other people see. Sharing with fans can easily be turned on and off for everything you do on majr and you keep 100% ownership of all your data and assets.

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