Introducing majr for Artists

July 11, 2022

Starting today, majr is excited to announce new tools designed to help artists create Song Stories. A Song Story is a new medium that dives into the journey of how your favorite songs come to life - from early voice memos and lyrics to first live performances, final master and the music video. It’s the entire creative process packed into the play button.

This is a preview release designed for artists to begin creating Song Stories and to gather feedback ahead of the ability to share and monetize Song Stories with fans later this year.

Available at, these new tools bring the most important elements of the creative process into one place so that the music is at the center of the experience. Starting today, artists can:

  • Organize Audio & BTS Media - bring together all your song audio, from voice memos and demos, to masters and alt versions. Upload behind-the-scenes pictures and videos or any media that inspires you as you create. Add commentary and liner notes to anything
  • Lyric Writer - organize lyric sheets, and chronicle version history giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into your process with artist commentary
  • Pre-invite your best fans, letting them be the first to know when you drop your first song story

From the beginning, artists have been involved in designing majr. Many artists requested that any new tools compliment their creative process instead of competing with it.  We’ve designed majr with that in mind:

  • Lyric Writer helps you write and develop your best ideas. Easily tag sections with industry standard songwriting formats, get rhyming suggestions and set a session timer to beat writers block and creative fatigue.
  • Lyric Timeline lets you easily find and salvage old ideas. Lyrics are automatically backed-up, encrypted and timestamped to your last writing session.
  • Social & Streaming Analytics - setup embedded analytics, giving you access to your social/streaming stats all in one place
  • Easily share HiFi audio of your voice memos and demos with collaborators, band-mates, and producers

Make Music Not Content
With a Song Story we put your existing pictures, videos and audio to work so you can focus on creating your songs. Easily integrate and share any part of your creative process with fans so you can spend more time making music.

The first Song Story will ship later this summer, with the product becoming available to more artists later this year. Song Stories will deliver a unique and interactive experience for your favorite music with popular breaking artists by putting songs at the center of the experience.

Pricing & Availability

Artist tools for building Song Stories are available today at for free and in English only. This release is a preview.

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