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February 14, 2022

Music is a very special artform that connects sound to our emotions and memories. Transcending culture and geography, music is a universal language that moves us all. Music also lives at the center of digital innovation. From the arrival of MP3s and Napster to the rise of piracy, iTunes and then streaming, few industries sit so determinatively on the back of rapid digital change.

Like other areas of the internet, however, creator returns have not matched the power and scale of the platform giants. Systems of discovery are built with implicit and economic bias. Moreover the legacy business model and rights complexities of music make it challenging for musicians to secure their fair share. Yet without creators there is no ecosystem.

The mission at majr is to help every modern creator move into the digital economy and be successful on their own terms.  Today we’re releasing our first step forward on this journey.

MAJR app

This release is focused on being a great companion to the songwriting process. By bringing together cloud-based lyric writing and a flexible canvas for your inspiration, we believe we can help digital musicians and songwriters develop more of their best ideas. Every month we’ll release new features on the road to general availability this summer. Soon we’ll start opening access to more artists. Request access and we’ll send you an invite code when it’s ready.

The music industry is ready to move forward. From ever-increasing advancements in production technology to web3, today’s digital artist can produce and release studio-quality tracks from anywhere. DistroKid, CDBaby and TuneCore offer near-instant publishing to 30+ digital stores at zero marginal distribution cost. If you need artwork, photography, or copy – grab the phone in your pocket. Equally importantly, modern fans are looking for direct engagement via a new wave of community experience.  We believe this is a window of opportunity to break from the past and build towards the future.  

We invite you to stay connected to our work via @majrapp on twitter.

About MAJR

majr is a NYC-based company that develops software and services that connect artists directly to fan communities. MAJR is developing its first product focused on serving musician and fan communities for a general release in 2022.

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