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April 21, 2022

Today marks one year since we founded majr. People ask why we started majr. There are many good reasons we started and perhaps more for why we've continued. Chief among them is the quality of our team. I am deeply proud of what we've built and the team of people who have built it. Good people are rare, and perhaps good teams are even more rare. Though when you ask why majr matters - what's the motivating mission - it comes down to believing in the critical and essential urgency of two words: making music.

Making music is perhaps the most human thing that all humans do. Maybe you sing in the shower. Maybe driving to work is your karaoke hour. Or maybe you've written a song and have imagined bringing it to life on stage. All of that is real and by real I mean it is happening in reality as an expression of your most innermost self. Through sound, music magically evokes something deep inside of us into being. It is expression. Even if you are just listening to music, listening is the other half of music creation. While we often think of music as a track on Spotify, that is quite a limiting definition. Music is a communion of sorts. It is the pattern of sounds that we make to each other; a pattern that somehow slips deeply into our brain - unlike anything else - and conjures memory and emotion as though it had a key to our innermost selves. Music lives between us as expression.  So whether you're performing or listening, we believe you're making music.

This is more than emotive language. This expansive definition of music is a first principle for how we're designing majr. Every scenario, every screen, every feature is considered through the lens of how artists and their listeners come together through the experience of music. Every pixel represents direct feedback from artists and fans. We work relentlessly for this: to remove everything that's unnecessary so all the remains is the music.

With that, we'll make one wish for our first birthday: for the world to make more music.

Radio nearby? Turn it on.

Love soul and soundtracks? Play 'em.

Never touched an instrument? Good news - you are one! 

Have a favorite song? Sing along.

Got a lyric? Hum it.

Love concerts? Buy a ticket.

Whatever it is, make music.

The essential mission for majr is not to necessarily disrupt an industry or be a top app. The essential thing is to make music in the biggest sense of the words. To let that experience lead you to rediscovering your own creativity.

We've got some awesome music making ahead. We hope you keep listening ;-) jamie

ps. Thank you to Cory Nak (one of our co-founders) and Lab 201 for the work bringing our new logo to life.

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