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January 15, 2022

The mission at majr is straightforward - to help every modern creator move into the digital economy and be successful on their own terms. We believe this mission is fundamental to a thriving society; true creativity is uncompromising.

Music is one of the most powerful and pervasive forms of human expression and creativity. Transcending culture and geography, music is a shared human language. Our bodies are wired to instinctively understand song & heart beat, blood pressure and respiratory function automatically attempt to synchronize to external rhythms.

Yet the music industry remains deeply wedded to legacy models of distribution and discovery. Over time, this has led to tournament economics and rent-seeking behaviors. Despite the success of digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, the economics of music have deteriorated under the pressure of margin performance and label revenues.

While a few successful artists reap the benefits, a new generation of prolific online creators is underserved by market incumbents. This is a generation of young and digitally native musicians who rapidly create, share and iterate in online spaces. They experiment with virtual reality and non-fungible tokens.

These independent artists see the world differently and expect, just like themselves, a new generation of digital solutions.

Based on hundreds of hours of interviews and observation with these creators and their fans, we hypothesize that a new kind of platform that offers a rich canvas for artist expression, inclusive discovery and direct economics –underpinned by a novel machine learning approach, will be the future of digital music experience. We imagine differentiating by combining artist creativity with music streaming into an immersive user experience, powered by a novel algorithmic approach that approximates emotional state and user intent

Further, by serving independent artists who are unencumbered by label copyright entanglements, we are able to innovate on the economics, establishing a new model for artist payment.

Artists deserve fair pay
This is the future we're building.
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