Meet Song Story

September 20, 2022

majr is on a mission to make it easier than ever for creators and artists to curate and share stories with their fans. Our first product, Song Story, is an ad-free, algo-free rich publishing tool that lets any artist share the story behind their songs by curating the best content from their creative process. With majr, artists save time and effort by focusing on making music instead of feeding the social media machine.

In under a minute you can start publishing directly to your fans in a space you curate & control. Give it a try at

What's New?
Today we're rolling out the first version of a Song Story. Song Stories represent a significant step forward for artists who want to share high-quality stories for their fans. We believe Song Stories are are awesome for breaking and professional artists when they're releasing new music and touring.

What is a Song Story?
A Song Story is a new and smart way to connect artists and fans by putting the creative process at the center of the experience. This means artists can use their existing creative content to curate, control and publish directly to their fans. It's a feed without advertising. A feed that doesn't try to steal your attention. It's a feed that lets artists be really smart and selective about what matters most to them. Most importantly, it's built around the content they already produce as artists rather than being another social media network to feed. Stories can be updated as much or as little as an artist wants. Artists are in control: not algorithms or advertisers.

Here's an example of a short Song Story we made for Harry Style's Matilda. On majr, Harry - or any artist - has the ability to choose what, how and when to share with fans - whether it's the first melodic idea, studio master or last night's wild performance.

Why do Song Stories matter right now?
There are two things that make connecting challenging and often unpleasant: advertising and algorithms. Advertising clutters the experience and turns your attention into a product. Then, algorithms optimize to endlessly engage that attention. Taken together, it's a massive distraction from what we really want: authenticity from the people that matter most to us. At majr we want to solve this problem and we've started by focusing on the content that matters to everyone: music.

We'll share more about Song Stories in the coming weeks and we're incredibly excited to hear your feedback and iterate quickly. Try it today at

Full release notes here.

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