MAJR MVP 1.5 Released

March 4, 2022

In our commitment to continuous delivery based on direct feedback from artists, today we're releasing majr MVP 1.5. You can read the full release notes and summary below. Feedback - big and small - is the result of direct artist feedback.

New Features in MAJR MVP 1.5

  • Speed. Artists should see improved speed based on changes to how we interact with our database
  • Lyrics Timeline now saves work based on Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
  • Better support for password managers. Improved support for password managers like iCloud Keychain and OnePassword
  • Inspiration is now Liner Notes based on artist feedback
  • Tooltips now work properly
  • Support for being a 'Solo Artist' added to sign-up flow
  • UI Improvements. Here, there, everywhere

Every month we’ll release new features on the road to general availability this summer. Artists and fans can join the waitlist.

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