What is an Artist Profile?

July 8, 2022

Creating your unique Artist Profile is the first thing you do after signing up for a majr ID.

We designed majr to be a service used directly by artists, their teams and fans. When you sign-up, you create a majr ID. A majr ID is meant to be the real you - your legal identity in the real world. If you're an artist, this will always remain private. For now, your majr ID is the e-mail address you sign-up with, your real name and your phone number.

Once you've created a majr ID, you setup your Artist Profile(s), which is shared with fans and collaborators. An Artist Profile can be updated at any time and consists of:

  • Artist Name: Set your artist name - up to 50 characters. This is what fans will see on majr. It can be changed at any time.
  • Artist Profile Pic: Upload a pic for your profile. We support JPG, PNG and GIF up to 5 MB. We support image cropping.
  • Profile URL: Your unique link where fans can find you on majr. Artists can set a custom link. This link must be unique and once created, a link can't be changed. Once created, we'll automatically create a preview page where fans can sign-up to be notified when you go live.
  • Location: Set the city where you're artistically based.

There are additional Artist Profile settings in Account setup. You can find these settings after logging in and accessing the navigation menu.

We recommend adding your Social Links, which are promoted on your Profile URL if provided.

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