What's a Song Story?

A song is more than what we stream

  • A Song Story brings your full creative process into how fans experience your music -  the first time you put pen to paper, the first voice memo of the melody, the first time you started producing, the first time you played the song live, the moment you were inspired to make the music video.
  • With a Song Story you can spend more time on music and less time on content by giving your best fans an incredible experience that puts music at the center. All this helps you grow as an artist, and saves you time.
  • The best part is that it’s handcrafted by you, tailored for your fans. You control what’s shared and what fans experience.

Songs at the Center

  • Quickly create a Song Story from existing assets - everything from midnight voice memos and melodies to lyrical ideas mumbled in the shower.
  • Write, edit and track all your lyrical ideas from hooks and riffs, to chorus and verse in industry songwriting format. Easily get rhyming suggestions, add commentary and set a session timer. Keep track of old ideas with Lyric Timeline.
  • Add commentary and liner notes to anything. Document the song with the vibes and fleeting thoughts that inspired you while easily sharing with fans.

Helps make you more money

  • 1-click analytics with trending and playlist insights from top sites Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Instagram, Wikipedia, Twitter, Pandora, Deezer, Soundcloud and Bandsintown.
  • Track performance & song story progress by setting a release reminder and receiving tailored weekly reports.
  • Quickly and easily invite your best fans to be the first to experience your song story when it arrives on the platform.

Share with collaborators and fans

  • Share WAV, M4A and MP3 up to 100MB in high-res, uncompressed format with songwriting partners and producers.
  • Easily turn sharing on and off; track links expire in 24 hours for added security.
  • Pre-invite your best fans to be the first to experience your first Song Story on majr or share your custom link with your existing community.

All Your Ideas, Safe & Secure

  • All your work is autosaved, encrypted and backed up in the cloud.
  • Personalized weekly reports tailored to your work, progress and goals.
  • Simple privacy controls allows you to decide what and when you share with fans.
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