majr is in mvp development. If you experience issues, let us know.  Here's the latest:

Updates in 9/20/22 Preview Release:

  • New! Song Stories now shipping in new Fan Experience available at
  • New! E-mail Lyrics to anyone directly from Lyric Writer
  • New! Song Story items can be backdated for easily publishing of existing catalog music
  • New! Ability to Publish or Unpublish Song Story
  • New! Ability to Delete Song Story
  • New! Ability to Refresh/Update Published Song Story
  • New! Support for Streaming Platform links
  • New! When majr publishes a Song Story, it will always show 'made by majr' to be clear on source attribution
  • Improved support for Desktop web browsing on
  • Improved. UI for adding Media, Tracks and Lyrics
  • Improved.  Add Anything to Song Story, including support for simple text, hyperlinks, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok embeds.
  • Improved Album Cover Art template and upload experience
  • Improved data sync with ChartMetric
  • Improved UI throughout for usability and design consistency

Updates in 7/21/22 Preview Release:

  • Fixed an issue uploading images on chrome desktop browser
  • Graceful handling of access denied errors on artist public URL 
  • Fixed an issue in account settings where profile pic was reverting to the default after making a change
  • Updates to drawer menu
  • Lyrics editor now only requires two new lines to create a new section
  • Empty lyrics editor shows Getting Started text
  • Updated DatePicker dependency
  • More detailed file size requirements on media upload forms
  • Improved security and authorization

New Features in 7/8/22 Preview Release:

  • New! Lyric Session Timer. Set a 20 minute timer to improve writing sessions, help fatigue and stay creative.
  • New!  Lyric Rhyming recommendations. Select a word in Lyric Writer and get instant suggestions without breaking your creative flow.
  • New! Personalized weekly reports summarizing goals, progress and eventually Song Story performance.
  • New! Lyric Commentary. Add artist commentary to lyrics. Keep them private or share with fans as part of your Song Story.
  • New! Social media and DSP analytics. We've partnered with Chartmetric to provide almost instant performance on your social and streaming sites.
  • New! Fanvites. When you create your Artist Profile, fans can instantly sign-up to follow you at
  • New! Song Story tiles include privacy icons to indicate whether they are set to private or public
  • New! Account Settings to control sending of personalized weekly reports

Changes and Updates in 7/8/22 Preview Release:

  • OpenGraph support
  • Artists and Fans receive a welcome e-mail upon sign-up
  • Location fields now auto-complete to friendly city/state name
  • Artist Name is now required when setting up artist profile
  • Artist can now update e-mail address associated with majr ID
  • Invite code is no longer required
  • Artists can set a custom Profile URL to share with fans
  • Improved Password Reset
  • Improved experience on most desktop browsers
  • Relocated artist login to
  • Updated navigation throughout app
  • Added Birthday to Account Profile
  • Improved upload experience for media; addressed Chrome issue where some uploads would stall

Known Issues

  • majr is built for mobile web. The desktop experience may be bumpy.
  • Some sharing experiences require a local mail client to be installed (Outlook, Apple iOS Mail, gmail app) 

New Features in MVP 2.0 4.12.2022

  • New! Cover Art now supported on all new and existing songs
  • Cover art must be 3000x3000 for high-resolution use cases and no larger than 10MB before cropping
  • Image files supported in this release: JPG, PNG, GIF
  • Cover art can be changed at any time
  • Cover art will show in your Song Catalog for at-a-glance views
  • New! Support for ‘Released’ status of a song
  • New! Support for ‘Not sure yet’ when setting release reminder
  • New! Support for audio tracks. Currently supported: WAV, M4A and MP3 up to 100MB
  • Support for categorizing and commenting on audio tracks (Voice Memos, Vocals, Demos and Masters)
  • New! Support for Masters with unique titling, genre selection and copyright attestation
  • New! Support for explicit lyric disclosure and previous release dates on Masters
  • New! Support for custom genre selection by artist or band
  • New! Cropping support for uploaded images
  • New! Inline audio playback controls with gesture support for scrubbing
  • New! Support for private sharing of uncompressed Masters in artist branded e-mails with 24 hour expiration for privacy protection
  • New! Clipboard ‘copy link’ support and download access to uploaded track audio
  • Reworked Song toolbar now allows one-tap access to changing song status, release date, sharing. Refreshed UI for adding Notes, Lyrics and Tracks
  • Inspiration is now called Notes (as in Song Notes, Album Notes and so on)
  • New! Ability to pre-invite your best fans to MAJR. Coming later this Spring, fans will experience a new behind-the-scenes experience grounded in your creative process
  • Invitation is co-branded with your artist name and profile picture
  • New! Fan Dashboard (Alpha) showing fan invite status
  • Improved feed experience for browsing a song with many notes, including carousel experience with indicator for browsing progress
  • Improved styling and UI touches throughout

Known Issues

  • MAJR is built for mobile web. The Desktop experience is currently letterboxed but is unpredictable.
  • Freshly uploaded cover art will fail to render when quickly refreshed as thumbnails are being generated
  • Some mail links require a local mail client to be installed on the user device. You may receive an error if no local mail client is installed
  • Videos may be unresponsive at times. Working on a fix.
  • Tracks may take 1-2 seconds when first loaded in a song.
  • Password reset is manual. Email with password reset requests.


Release Notes MVP 1.5 3.3.2022

New Features

  • Speed. Artists should see improved speed based on changes to how we interact with our database
  • Lyrics Timeline now saves work based on Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
  • Better support for password managers. Improved support for password managers like iCloud Keychain and OnePassword
  • Inspiration is now Liner Notes based on artist feedback
  • Tooltips now work properly
  • Support for being a 'Solo Artist' added to sign-up flow
  • UI Improvements. Here, there, everywhere
  • Change user e-mail/credential within login flow
  • Release notes now documented for each release

Known Issues

  • MAJR on Desktop. We remain focused on a great mobile experience. Desktop remains letterboxed. This includes horizontal views on mobile devices.
  • Password reset. Coming soon. For now, email

Release Notes MVP 1 2.14.22

Known Issues

  • Caching system can cause delays in refreshing data


  • Password managers not correctly identifying and storing credentials
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